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The benefit of the best dispatcher is the sweet spot in the trucking industry. A good dispatcher’s job is to work for carriers, not just to find them loads, but also to find the best-paying freight. Because they take a percentage of the load, it is in the dispatcher’s best interest to get the highest paying loads. A good dispatcher understands that the more money the carrier makes on each load, the higher the dispatcher’s percentage will be. Both dispatchers’ and driver’s success is reliant on the dispatchers’ negotiations. M&J Dispatch Consulting Services in Atlanta will help you achieve the following:

The driver will fail and will no longer use the services of a dispatcher, and neither party will profit from the load if the load is taken at too low of a cost. Second, using low-cost freight brings down the industry as a whole. A dispatcher with professionalism and principles understands that they also have a responsibility to the industry in which they work and that low-paying loads lower the rate for everyone in the trucking industry. They take great care in understanding how to negotiate good pricing that keeps everyone involved happy.

Brokers and Carriers Benefit from Having the Best Dispatchers on Their Team

Brokers benefit from having good relationships with dispatchers because they have access to the drivers and the capacity that the broker requires to move their loads. This, in return, keeps their customers (the shippers) happy. Brokers are constantly looking for different types of equipment needed to move their freight. They are also looking for qualified drivers who are dependable and in good standing. Brokers understand that dispatchers have the resources to accommodate this. This is what makes them such a good asset to them.

A dispatcher lets carriers drive while they book and locate the next load. A dispatch service also saves the driver from having to make several phone calls to brokers to negotiate the rate, which can be time-consuming. A seasoned dispatcher understands where the rate needs to be (not just for the driver).  They want to maintain proper market conditions to ensure that there are loads for everyone.

What to Expect from a Dispatcher

Once a driver is on the road with the freight that has been found, negotiated, onboarded, and rate contract signed, the dispatcher is there for the carrier for the duration of the load’s pick-up and delivery. Communication with the broker is one of the many tasks that a dedicated dispatcher will face.  They are in touch with the drivers at all times.  Should something arise, they will be the communication line for everyone involved.

In the trucking industry, the dispatcher plays a unique but critical supporting role. Essentially they bridge a critical gap between carriers and brokers. The result of this role is a more seamless supply chain process.

A dispatcher assists carriers in achieving their goals of success and growth while also providing additional fulfillment to brokers. Dispatchers also assist drivers in keeping their eye on regulatory compliance, safety, and HOS (hours of service). The best dispatchers are constantly on the lookout for unethical and unsavory business practices.  This makes them a consultant and advisors to brokers and carriers alike.

About MJ Dispatch

We at M&J Dispatch, LLC are a small business whose mission is to help small trucking companies take their company to the next level. Our focus is on small trucking companies that have less than 10 trucks and are in need of finding freight at the best price. Our truck dispatchers know the business better than anyone and are experts at finding the highest paying load helping you make the money you deserve. Our team of highly trained dispatchers will take care of all the paperwork, phone calls, and payments so all you have to do is DRIVE.