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Yes! A good dispatcher is important, of course. A successful trucking company relies on dependable and knowledgeable dispatching. They serve as a liaison between the trucking company, customers, and truck drivers. Furthermore, they oversee every aspect of a delivery run. Finally, they help to ensure that freight arrives on time. Truckers are equally important in the day-to-day operations of a trucking company because they are the ones who are driving and delivering.

The dispatcher is probably one of the most underappreciated positions in any logistics operation. A good dispatcher spends countless hours scheduling freight movements and communicating with vendors, suppliers, customers, drivers, and various other parties. They are usually the first to respond to a roadside trucking emergency. They are also the last to leave the office after all drivers have finished their daily hauls.

On the other hand, Dispatchers do much more than just answer phones. In fact, dispatchers are typically in charge of all communication. That includes before, during, and after all trucks have completed on-road activities.

A committed team of dispatchers who are excellent communicators thrives under pressure, and self-manage can make all the difference. It is critical for your transportation company’s success to have a strong team of professionals working for it.

1-They keep drivers engaged.

The ability to delegate and multi-task hauls to the appropriate drivers is the best quality of a good dispatcher.

They arrange for new hauls and keep drivers on track. At the same time, they spend the majority of their day managing active hauls.

Drivers who spend less time sitting on the side of the road.

2-They look after their customers.

The best dispatchers are exceptional problem-solvers and communicators. Whether it’s being able to calmly speak with drivers to assist them with a pick-up or delivery or sending and responding to emails from shipping customers and recipients, they do it all. This skill is required to resolve customer issues when a scheduled delivery is late, or they do not arrive for freight pick-up.

Good dispatchers can help resolve potentially hostile customer experiences by being compassionate listeners. Because many customers base their shipping choices on the quality of customer service, all logistics companies should hire the best dispatchers they can find.

3-Dispatchers assist businesses in remaining compliant with government regulations.

A good transportation company is well-versed in all regulations concerning hazmat services, HOS (hours of service) and gross weight, and so on. This responsibility falls to dispatchers familiar with all freight-moving laws and regulations. They are also expected to stay on top of driver replacement, routing, and scheduling.

This type of proactive service reduces the possibility of a road accident and the risk of fines.

4-Drivers are kept happy by good dispatchers.

A good dispatcher understands that drivers are the lifeblood of any delivery-based business. When asked to work long hours or in difficult working conditions, it can lead to conflict. Keeping drivers happy is important, as there is always a shortage.  Drivers in good spirits have numerous advantages for the company.

Dispatchers are the life of a trucking company. They are very important and having one that you can count on is the link that can make or break a trucking agency.

About MJ Dispatch

We at M&J Dispatch, LLC are a small business whose mission is to help small trucking companies take their company to the next level. Our focus is on small trucking companies that have less than 10 trucks and are in need of finding freight at the best price. Our truck dispatchers know the business better than anyone and are experts at finding the highest paying load helping you make the money you deserve. Our team of highly trained dispatchers will take care of all the paperwork, phone calls, and payments so all you have to do is DRIVE.