Is it smart to hire a trucking dispatcher if I am growing?
For growing a small company, there are advantages to hiring a trucking dispatcher to help you manage your business.

A trucking dispatcher manages freight on behalf of a carrier, so having someone to work with you to locate loads, negotiate with brokers and help navigate your route makes a lot of sense. It can allow, you can focus on other areas of your business and delegate some of the tasks you either don’t like or don’t have time for. From a business standpoint, not just in the trucking industry, figuring out the logistics of everything that needs to be done in your business and integrating the staff to manage it makes perfect sense.

What does a dispatcher do? The biggest thing that a dispatcher can do to help your business is to manage to keep your drivers moving, take care of your customers, and stay on top of government compliance. While there are many other tasks that fall into the realm of being a dispatcher, the biggest asset is having someone to support your company by taking care of all of the details. Having that vital role fulfilled can be your biggest ally to support your growth, saving you time and money to work on other areas of your trucking company.

Are you buried under office work? Having your dispatcher available 24/7 to negotiate the best rate, book your loads and run credit checks can free your time, at MJ Dispatch, we can also manage invoicing, networking, handle credit checks, and be your back office support. Investing in a dispatcher is investing in your own business, as well as saving money over hiring from within.

As a growing company, the services we offer can support you in areas you may not have thought of, do you need more help with networking, managing contracts, or staying current on compliance. Having the support of someone experienced can help you troubleshoot areas of your business, you didn’t realize needed our help!

The benefits of hiring a dispatcher will definitely outweigh any challenges that may come up, we suggest finding someone that is experienced in all areas of trucking so that you can take advantage of their knowledge and leverage it in your business. A good dispatcher will work directly on your behalf to not only find you the best loads (since their compensation is related directly to your compensation) but their job is to make themselves invaluable to you and your business, so they will do what they can to show you that they are needed. A good dispatcher also has a system in place, this is where their experience comes in handy. A new or inexperienced dispatcher may not have ironed out the wrinkles and a more experienced dispatcher can anticipate when and where problems can arise. This is not saying that everything runs perfectly every time, but they can alleviate issues while you are working on other areas of your business. If you are a solo driver, you don’t want to have to manage everything else while you are on the road also.

Many growing trucking companies have been in the position to decide if they want to self-dispatch or hire someone to dispatch them. It may be a good opportunity to try self-dispatching to see everything that is involved, it can also show you a better appreciation for all the things that a dispatcher can do for growing your trucking business.